John Tetreault

John Tetreault is our head instructor at Space Coast Judo. He started his judo training in 1973 and holds a third-degree black belt. John has taught police self-defense and control tactics in the US and Bosnia and concentrates his teaching on Traditional Kodokan Judo and Self Defense.

David Ellis

David Ellis is our resident expert on the current rules and regulations of judo used by the International Judo Federation and kata competitor extraordinaire. David has studied judo since the age of 7 and been both the assistant head instructor and head instructor at many judo schools in the Brevard area including Melbourne Judokai, Samurai Judo and Jujitsu and Harbor City Judo and Jujitsu. Now he is at Space Coast Judo and we welcome the knowledge and expertise he brings to the learning of judo. David currently is an IJF-B referee and holds a fifth-degree black belt in judo.


Andre Merrill

Andre Merrill started his study of judo in New York in 1972. He was fortunate to attend Brockport State University and studied under Dr. Sachio Ashida for three years, the coach of the US 1976 Judo Olympic Team and a prominent figure in the growth of judo in the United States. Andre then trained in Brazil for several years under Sensei George Medhei, another icon in Judo. Andre took some time out from judo training to attend chiropractic school, received his chiropractic license and then relocated to Melbourne, Florida, setting up his chiropractic business and continuing his study of judo at several dojos in the Melbourne area. Andre is a third-degree black belt.


Faith Urban

Faith Urban started judo as an adult and had a successful competitive career in judo. So yes ladies (or anyone else for that matter), you can do judo if you put your mind to it! Faith started judo at Los Angeles City College and trained at many different dojos in the Los Angeles area. She also had the honor of training under judo expert Hayward Nishioka for many years. She has medaled at Judo Nationals and the Olympic Sports Festival. She was also invited to the World Trials and Olympic Trials in the early 1990’s. Faith has a second-degree black belt in judo.