The Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan is the headquarters for judo players the world over.

Thousands of miles from the Kodokan, 7301 miles to be exact, you can learn traditional judo at our modern training facility in the Melbourne – Palm Bay area.

Our sanitary vinyl covered mats on spring loaded floors make it easier to learn, easier to train, and easier to have fun while practicing judo.

You’ll receive great instruction from our black belt instructors, who not only have many years of experience in the practice of judo but also represent a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

While judo is a competitive sport, it can also be used for recreation as the learning and practicing of judo skills promotes flexibility, strength, balance and self-discipline. And don’t underestimate the self defense aspects of judo either!

We are located at SBA Brazilian JiuJitsu, 2020 Palm Bay Road NE, Units 10 and 11, Palm Bay Fl 32905.

This relationship with SBA Brazilian Jiujitsu also offers the option to explore JuiJitsu as well as judo.

Please make that phone call today to start your journey in judo. Don’t miss out on expert instruction and the best mats in town.

Our doors are open to everyone and we invite you to come train with us!